About The Project

The Expatriate Poetry & Photography Project encourage expats from around the world to share their new language, new experiences, and new country through writing and photography. Every language and skill level can submit a poem (with translation) and a photo to be part of this new community! 

A great place to find like-minded expats in any country, this project wants to connect people to places through words and photos all in one site. A blogroll of all participants will be kept updated.

Writing poetry is a great way to get comfortable with and explore a language by discovering new words and rhythms. Your grammar doesn't have to be correct, it doesn't even have to make sense -  it is an outlet of expression and learning.

Poems can be long or short, and about anything (appropriate). Please only submit photos that you have taken yourself, and writing that you have written yourself. Multiple submissions are welcome!

Each post needs:
  • Authors name
  • Poem, translation, & photo
  • In which country are you living now and for how long
  • What language are you learning and how long have you been studying it
  • What is your home country
  • What is you native language
  • Anything you'd like to say about your poem, your new language, your experiences, new country, or this project?
  • Would you like constructive criticism/comments/feedback?
  • A link back to your blog so people can read more about your expatriate journey and stories.
Submit your poems and photos to Expatpoetry @ gmail.com

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